Job Titles – Why do we need them


Why do we need job Titles

I have often wondered why we have Job Titles in the work place. Here is my understanding of why Job Titles are used, I may not be very accurate but here is a stab at it.

Job Title

A Job Tile is normally associated with the role or possible activity that an individual is expected to represent in the corporate world. Let's take a few examples:

CEO – Chief Executive Officer – as the Tile indicated that this individual is the Chief of the company. There are certain things that are expected of a person in this position like guiding the company and being the main representative of the company.

Business Analyst – As the title inicates, a person with this job title is normall expected to be able to do Business Analysis and everything that this skill set may require. Analysis of requirements as well as ensuring proposed solutions align with the strategy.


Now I can go on and on with these examples but I am sure you get the picture. There are occasions when the Job Title does not set any expectations of delivery or responsibility and then on the other side…..

There are Job Titles that set an expectation of delivery and responsibility but in the actual job description, the individual is expected to take responsibility and accountability of delivering things that do not quite fit into the expectation of the title.


Nowdays with the way the economy has affected most corporates, people are now expected to take on more responsibility due to the cut down on appointments. This could help some indiviuals careers and hurts others. Performance suffers as the stress levels increase.

Do you do what is expected of your Job Title or are you expected to do a whole lot more? Let me know what you do that is reflected in Job Title or not.

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